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The Chinese market for laboratory instruments suffered in 2023, as the country’s economic environment, end of stimulus funding, tariffs, political tensions with the US and local competition hurt sales for many multinational instrumentation companies. The unprecedented situation was made evident by the financial results of some of the world’s largest analytical instrument and consumable providers, […]

The annual Pittcon (Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy) laboratory science conference and exhibition will be held in San Diego, California, February 24-28. This marks the show’s first time on the West Coast. Run by the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP), the conference has […]

Spatial biology is a rapidly growing segment of the life science tools market, driven by the expansion of cellular studies from bulk analysis to single-cells analysis and progress in multi-omic research, among other factors. Technology advances have also grown the market by enabling automated and higher-resolution analysis and greater multiplexing. The lab tool market for […]

The bioprocessing analytical technology sector is critical to the biopharmaceutical industry and becoming more so as continuous and single-use solutions are becoming widely adopted and the number of biotherapeutics coming to market increases. These technology solutions include custom-built and highly specialized bioprocessing technologies. In August 2023, Strategic Directions International (SDi) released the “SDi Bioprocessing Markets […]

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Fourth Quarter 2023 Results: 10x Genomics, HORIBA, Oxford Nanopore, Pacific Biosciences and Tecan

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Government & Environment: PFAS Limits Finalized

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China: Companies Respond to the Biosecure Act

India: FDA Crackdown

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