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The biopharmaceutical industry plays a critical role in ensuring people’s health and treating disease. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 tested the biopharmaceutical industry’s capabilities as new vaccines and therapies were urgently required to counteract the virus’s spread. Aiding the biopharmaceutical industry in this goal as well as its overall R&D efforts is […]

The complete version of this article can be read by subscribing to IBO, a twice monthly newsletter covering the scientific tools industry. IBO is published by Strategic Directions International (SDi), a leading business intelligence firm in the highly specialized field of analytical and life science instruments. SDi is part of Science and Medicine Group, the […]

Established in 2005, IonSense is the only company to offer DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) technology. DART, and its newest iteration, DART JumpShot, are open-air ambient ionization sources for mass spectrometry (MS). DART is able to analyze samples in their native states at atmospheric pressure without sample contact. Based in Massachusetts, the company currently […]

Though the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted the lab tools industry in 2020, like other sectors, the industry was able to adapt by playing pivotal roles in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. For instance, many companies provided analytical instruments for developing vaccines and therapies and/or diagnostic test kits. As a result, many companies in the […]

In its latest major product introduction, announced last month, Agilent Technologies has expanded its line of InfinityLab Bio liquid chromatography (LC) systems. With a sample flow path containing biocompatible materials, the Bio LC portfolio addresses issues such as corrosion and leaching arising from protein interactions with traditional flow path materials such as iron. The portfolio […]

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Volume 30, Issue 19 (January 18, 2022)

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The IBO 2022 Market Forecast

2021’s Market Trends

Life Science Market to Post Mid-Single Digit Growth

Mass Spectrometry: Pharma and Biotech to Drive Sales

Chromatography: A Range of End-Markets Show Growth

Laboratory Automation: Robotics Leads Growth Rates

Surface Science: Semiconductor End-Market Supports Demand

Molecular Spectroscopy: Growth Dips Post COVID Rebound

Atomic Spectroscopy: Sustained Growth Founded on Industrial Demand

Sample Preparation: NA Prep Growth Hurt by Year-over-Year Comparison

Materials Characterization: Customer Supply Chain Issues Impact Demand

Laboratory Equipment: Bioreactors Fuel Growth

End-Market Forecast: Industrials and Biotech Lead the Way

Regional Forecast: Developing Nations Spur Growth

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