China is the best outsourcing destination for pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing in Asia, according to an analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The results are based on an analysis of cost, risk and market opportunity, which were assigned the respective weights of 33%, 37% and 30%. The other top 5 destinations are India, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Cambodia was the topped rank location in terms of cost. In this category, Singapore had the highest score for tax and regulatory costs, Indonesia scored the highest for infrastructure costs, and Cambodia was rated the highest for compensation and wages. For risk factors, Australia was ranked the highest, as it received the best ratings for infrastructure risks, human capital risks and geopolitical risks. Singapore received the highest ratings for legal risks and economic risks. Japan was ranked the highest in terms of market opportunity, as it received the highest ratings for current pharmaceutical market size and for current and future healthcare needs. Malaysia was the highest rated for pharmaceutical market growth rate.

Source: PwC

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