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The National Instituts of Health (NIH) has released the “2020–2030 Strategic Plan for NIH Nutrition Research,” developed by the NIH Nutritional Research Task Force. The report calls for research investments in Precision Nutrition. Unlike personalized nutrition or nutrigenomcis, Precision Nutrituion encompasses both internal and external contributions: diet, genetics, physical health, microbiome, metabolism, dietary habits, activity […]

In the IBO blog’s fourth look at coronavirus-related R&D funding, the focus is on announcements made in May. Governments continue to make large commitments, with funding ultimately designated for universities, research institutes, the private sector, and infectious disease research organizations that will coordinate efforts to funnel money to all three sectors. These organizations include CEPI […]

Clinical diagnostic testing has been a major bottleneck throughout the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with severe shortages of testing reagents, lack or slow adaptation of existing infrastructure to administer tests, and very rapidly growing demand that is outpacing supply. The extraordinary demand for COVID-19 testing has strained the production capabilities of vendors in […]

The development of cell and gene therapies has become an essential component of cancer and genetic disease research and treatment. Consequently, regulatory approvals for cell and gene therapy have begun to increase globally. As a result, cell and gene therapy research has expanded into other areas of medicine, such as treatments for autoimmune and dermatological diseases.

This is the third of IBO’s review of R&D investments related to COVID-19 (see March 27 and April 17). The outbreak has triggered a wide range of responses spanning immediate and long-term solutions. For R&D, spending priorities range from areas  such as new diagnostic approaches and vaccine development to basic research in fields such as […]

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Volume 29, Issue 4


IBO Spring 2020 Business Climate Survey: Laboratory Tool Companies React to COVID-19

COVID-19 Negatively Impacts IBO Indexes’ First Quarter Performances

Sequencing’s Role in Addressing COVID-19

Executive Briefings

Roche Makes Nanopore Sequencing Acquisition

Agilent Shuts Down Sequencer Development

Calorimeter Company Acquired

PacBio Sued in China


First Quarter Results: Agilent Technologies, Bio-Techne, Bruker, MilliporeSigma and QIAGEN

IBO Stock Indexes Continue to Improve in May

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Raman Microscopy

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