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Laboratory consumables, non-durable goods used for laboratory-related consumption, enable drug discovery and development and research and production of therapies and vaccines and lately. These products have addressed the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, consumables offerings are the growth driver of the scientific instrument industry, whose vendors play a crucial role in providing consumables, leading to […]

The food and beverage safety testing market is critical to making sure the food and beverages people consume are safe. The manufacturing of GMO food products, developing countries enacting stricter food safety and quality regulations, and the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are some of issues that analytical instrument provider tackle to fulfill the […]

Published this month, the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) review of US business R&D spending in 2018 indicates the robust contribution of business R&D to the economy and the diversity of industries conducting R&D in the US. It also lays out the importance of both manufacturing and non-manufacturing R&D to innovation. Top Spending Total US businesses’ […]

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Volume 29, Issue 13 (October 15, 2020)


Cell Therapy Researchers Prepare to Make Instrument Purchases

Cell Culture Source Survey: Media and Cell Lines

Academia, Government and Industry Announce New Lab Construction

Executive Briefing

PerkinElmer, QIAGEN, NanoString and Luminex’ Third Quarter Preliminary Sales Exceed Expectations

Abcam Files for $100 Million US IPO

Sartorius Ups Stake in Process LC Market

10x Genomics Signals Portfolio Direction

Certara Files for IPO

Water Monitoring Firm Buys OEM Partner


Second Quarter Results: Fluidigm, HORIBA, NanoString Technologies and Spectris

Market Profile

Sample-to-Answer COVID-19 Tests

Industry Watch




Region Watch





Life Science Instruments

Gene-based Analysis

Cell-based Analysis

Protein-based Analysis



Bioprocess Analysis

Process Analysis

Bottom Line

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