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Volume 28, Issue 14


US Higher Education R&D Funding Makes Gains in FY2018

IBO Sales Indexes Remain Afloat Due to Only Slight Declines on a Year-Over-Year Basis

Big Data Companies Become Partners in the Genomics Field

Life Science Industry Awards Recognize Best New Products

Executive Briefing

Illumina and Oxford Nanopore Responds to PacBio Provisional Findings

New Private Equity Owners of LGC

Yokogawa Invests in Single-Cell Manipulation Technique

Flow Cytometer Supplier Acquired

Bio-Rad Wins 10x Genomics Injunction in Germany

LC Media Business Sold to KKR


Third Quarter Results: Agilent Technologies, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Bio-Techne, Millipore Sigma, QIAGEN and Shimadzu AMI

IBO Stock Indexes Positive as Third Quarter Earnings Beat Analysts’ Estimates

Market Profile

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) in Bioprocessing

Industry Watch




Region Watch





Life Science Instruments

Molecular Spectroscopy

Atomic Spectrometry

Materials Characterization

Bottom Line

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