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The single-cell genomics discipline has become an essential component of biological research. These technologies are playing key roles in various scientific fields such as infections disease treatments, cancer research and neurological studies.  As a result, more companies are offering related products to fulfill end-user demand. In December 2020, Kalorama Information released its “ Single-Cell Genomics […]

With US regulatory emergency use authorization (EUA) of two vaccines, a major threshold has been crossed in the response to COVID-19. According to the latest information, dated December 16, from the World Health Organization (WHO), more SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates are moving closer to completing the clinical trial phase. Twenty percent of the candidates in clinical […]

Since the Industrial Revolution, the chemical industry has played a critical yet relatively unseen role in developing consumer products and pharmaceutical ingredients and quality control of chemical product production. The chemical industry’s influence in the manufacturing sector is buoyed by the scientific instrument industry’s analytical techniques and product offerings. In October 2020, Strategic Directions International […]

Biomanufacturing is becoming increasingly influential as a method of production in many industries, from generating high-yield pharmaceutical precursors, to biofuel conversion from biomass, and even in food and beverage production. As bioprocessing, the mass production of desired biological products using living cells, continues to expand, the key concerns of efficiency and contamination risk have become […]

This month, the European University Association, a representative of more than 800 European universities, issued a new report, “Public Funding Observatory 2020/2021: Part 1: Financial and economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on universities in Europe.” The report is based on a survey conducted this summer of 29 national European university associations. The report illustrates […]

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The IBO 2021 Forecast Issue–Volume 29, Issue 10 (January 15, 2021)


Life Science: Double-Digit Growth Ahead

Mass Spectrometry: Industrial Markets to Improve

Chromatography: Growth to Bounce Back

Laboratory Automation: COVID-19 Testing Stokes Demand

Surface Science: Electron and Super-Resolution Microscopy Sustain Growth

Molecular Spectroscopy: Pent-up Demand to Fuel Growth

Atomic Spectroscopy: Poised for a Come Back

Materials Characterization: Life Science to Lead Increases

Sample Preparation: Nucleic Acid Prep to Continue to Benefit from COVID-19 Testing

Laboratory Equipment: Steady Climb Led by Select Technologies

End-Market Forecast: Pharma and Biotech Strong but Academia Slow to Improve

Regional Forecast: North America and Europe Lag Behind

2020 Developments and Trends

Executive Briefing

Featuring news from PerkinElmer, Neogen etc.


Laboratory Tool Companies’ Preliminary Results Show Ongoing Sales Recovery

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