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DNA sequencing firms have been among those organizations at the forefront of addressing the 2019-nCoVS outbreak. As of February 21, the virus is responsible for 2,250 deaths and has infected 76,800 people. Individuals in 28 countries have been affected. To research the virus and develop diagnostic tests as well as vaccines, scientists are employing DNA […]

RedShift BioAnalytics introduced its first system, the AQS3pro platform, in 2018. The AQS3pro platform performs secondary structural analysis of proteins, enabling insight into drug safety and efficacy and monitoring from development through manufacturing. The system employs the company’s proprietary Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) for label-free protein characterization based on IR spectroscopy and microfluidics to enable less costly, more […]

Access to healthcare has always been a persistent issue throughout the world, especially when it comes to access to medicine. With the rise in certain diseases and an aging global population, the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry is attempting to meet this demand by using various analytical and scientific instruments and techniques to perfect their drug […]

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) held their annual conference January 25–29 in San Diego, California. The show hosts presentations, short courses and an exhibition of laboratory automation systems and associated products. It is also considered an important venue for networking, SLAS initiatives and SLAS member enrichment. Laboratory automation is an enabling technology […]

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SLAS2020 Part 2: A Strong Outlook for Cell Imaging Automation and Spheroid Testing

New Funding: Over $100 Million Each to Support Forensics and Clean Energy

Endpoint: GDP Forecast

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Agilent and Twist Bioscience Settle Suit with Payment

ITC Rules in Favor of 10x in Bio-Rad Dispute

Schrödinger Completes IPO

LIMS Firm Acquired

Lab Equipment Maker Changes Hands


Fourth Quarter Results: Biotage, Bio-Techne, Hitachi High-Technologies and Illumina

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