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As one of the fastest growing segments of the biopharma market, cell and gene therapies (CGT) are creating a new era of medical treatments. Making cell and gene therapies possible are genetic manipulation and cell growth and maintenance. To accomplish these tasks in R&D, quality control and manufacturing, scientists are drawing on established laboratory tools […]

A new report from the US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides a snapshot of the US pharmaceutical industry and its R&D patterns. The report also explains the important role that the federal government plays in drug development and sales. Here, IBO gives an overview of the data presented in the report on pharmaceutical sales and […]

Bioprocessing International (BPI) US West 2021 kicked off its virtual edition this morning, Monday March 29. An annual event, BPI West encompasses presentation, posters and networking events focused on the latest developments in bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy. A talk this morning, “Integration of Paperless Benchtop Instruments in Clinical Manufacturing,” presented by Simon Barskyi […]

In 2020, the laboratory analytical and life science instrumentation industry played a critical role in assisting various end-markets in abating the COVID-19 pandemic. Select vendors were able to weather business disruptions by meeting pandemic-related demand for certain product offerings. However, the question now is, what will be the condition of the laboratory analytical and life […]

The annual BioProcess International US West Conference & Exhibition will be held March 29–30 virtually. The conference consists of six tracks: Cell Line Development & Engineering; Cell Culture; Recovery & Purification; Manufacturing Strategy & Bioprocessing 4.0; Intensified & Continuous Processing; Cell & Gene Therapies; and the 4th Annual BioInnovation Group Technology Session. BioProcess International US […]

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IBO Volume 30, Issue 2 (May 3, 2021)

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IBO’s 2020 Annual Executive Compensation Review

Analytical Solutions and the Cell and Gene Therapy Market

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News about Illumina vs. EU and the latest acquisitions involving Carlyle, Brooks Automation and more


IBO Stock Indexes Perform Exceptionally in April

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