This week, Illumina, the world’s largest provider of DNA sequencers, acquired Edico Genomics, which offers the DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for Genomics) platform for NGS secondary analysis, including mapping, alignment, sorting and variant calling. “We believe that our acquisition of Edico Genome is a big step toward realizing the vision of reducing sequencing data acquisition […]

Protein structural analysis is an essential component of developing biotherapeutics. While numerous technologies are used for protein analysis, companies such as RedShiftBio are innovating and building upon techniques such as IR spectroscopy to make protein analysis more simple, cost effective and user friendly. Modern technologies, such as cryo-electron microscopy and neutron scattering (also known as […]

Asia Pacific is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. Within Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia is an emerging economic player. This year, real GDP for ASEAN nations (countries listed in table below) is forecast to grow 5.4%, according to the World Bank’s latest update. Although on par with last year’s growth, the growth rate is well […]

Although we are only four months into the year, China has already announced further progress in the life sciences, with science-based collaborations and increased R&D budgets, as well as developments addressing scientific data security and innovations in biotechnology. In January, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology revealed it had budgeted more than CNY 13 […]

Portability has transformed the use of many analytical techniques, from GC to Raman spectroscopy. An analytical instrument that was once a tied to the lab bench can now be carried to neighboring labs, placed next to a manufacturing line or taken into the field. But one technique that has not yet to be made truly […]