Atomic Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

Under an agreement announced in December 2008, inXitu will design and manufacture a portfolio of portable X-ray diffraction (XRD) instruments exclusively for Innov-X Systems, including the Terra field-portable XRD/X-ray fluorescence (XRF) system.

In January, Thermo Fisher Scientific opened a demonstration lab in Sugar Land, Texas, for its X-ray spectrometry petrochemical solutions and launched a Web portal.

Skyray Instruments will distribute and support XOS’s HDX 1000 Lead Analyzer in China.

Product Introductions

Bruker launched the G4 PHOENIX combustion analysis system for metals analysis, featuring advanced hydrogen analysis capabilities.

Bruker introduced the M1 MISTRAL, a tabletop microanalysis XRF spectrometer for the analysis of gold and other precious metals.

PANalytical, a Spectris company, introduced the Axios FAST simultaneous XRF spectrometer for the simultaneous fixed-channel measurement of up to 28 elements.

In December 2008, PANalytical launched the 2830 ZT Wafer Analyzer, a wavelength dispersive–XRF for simultaneous noncontact determination of layer thickness and composition for process monitoring of semiconductors.

PANalytical introduced the MiniPal4 Cement energy dispersive (ED)–XRF spectrometer for on-site quality control.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the handheld Niton XRF XL3t Series, featuring GOLDD (geometrically optimized large area drift detector) technology for improved light element detection, sensitivity and measurement times.

In January, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the TITAN 4000 Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine analyzer, featuring an injection port and plug flow quartz combustion tube requiring only oxygen gas.

Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis, formerly WAS AG, introduced the FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO optical emission spectrometer for metal manufacturers, processors and the foundry industry. Shipments began in December 2008.

Oxford Instruments launched the compact X-Supreme8000 ED-XRF spectrometer for quality assurance and process control requirements.

Skyray Instruments released the low-cost Thick-800 XRF Analyzer for measuring plating thickness for coating thickness measurements.

XOS introduced the HDX 1000 Lead Analyzer, an XRF system featuring lead detection levels down to 1 ppm for homogeneous substrates and 8 ppm for paint layers.

FOSS A/S released the Kjeltec 8000 Series, consisting of the network-ready Kjeltec 8400 analyzer and the smaller 8100 and 8200 distillation units.

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