According to “Public Support for Science and Innovation,” a new report by Australia’s Productivity Commission, the Australian government budgeted an estimated AUD 5.974 billion ($4.492 billion) for science and innovation in 2006–07. Major government research agencies accounted for 23% of funding, including the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, which recieved AUD 607.2 million, making it the largest recipient of funding in this category. The business-enterprise sector represented 21% of government funding, with the largest share of this funding, AUD 657 million, allocated for industry R&D support. Funding for higher education spending accounted for 37% of government spending, with performance-based funding receiving the largest share at AUD 1.214 billion. Multisector support accounted for 19% of government funding. The National Health and Medical Research Council and other health projects are estimated to have received the largest support among this category at AUD 467.0 million.

Source: Australia Productivity Commission

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