Canadian science and technology (S&T) spending for biotechnology increased 4.6% in 2008 to $921 million to account for 9% of federal S&T expenditures. Twenty-nine percent of federal S&T spending for biotech went to in-house activities and 71% went to extramural performers. The higher education sector received 80% of extramural funding. Among S&T activities, R&D received 95% of federal biotech spending, representing 13% of total federal R&D spending in 2008. The full-time equivalent (FTE) federal government personnel dedicated to biotech S&T increased 9.5% in 2008 to 2,112, 77% of which were dedicated to R&D. Technicians, scientific and professional personnel, and “other” made up 41%, 39% and 20% of FTE biotech S&T personnel.

Source: Statistics Canada

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