According to government estimates, 2007 Canadian R&D spending reached almost CAD 29.0 billion ($27.1 billion), a 3.3% increase over 2006’s CAD 28.1 billion ($24.8 billion). Academia accounted for 50.0%, or CAD 459 million ($428.2 million) of the increase, and industry accounted for 45.4%, or CAD 416 million ($388.1 million). Industry was the largest performer of R&D with a CAD 15.8 billion ($14.7 billion) investment and academia spent CAD 10.4 billion ($9.7 billion). Combined, industry and academia spending made up 90% of total R&D spending, a trend which has continued since 2003. The federal government’s R&D spending increased 1.7% to CAD 2.3 billion ($2.1 billion). Funding for R&D by private industry dominated spending, representing approximately 48% of total R&D funding, followed by the federal government with nearly 19%.

Source: Statistics Canada

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