Capillary Electrophoresis

Company Announcements

In January, eGene entered into a distribution agreement with Fisher Scientific Canada for the HAD-GT12 system.

eGene entered into a three-year distribution agreement with Gene Company for China.

Under a value-added reseller agreement, Picometrics SA will provide Agilent Technology’s capillary electrophoresis system coupled with its laser induced fluorescence detector.

In February, Advanced Analytical Technologies (AATI), which specializes in the manufcature of rapid detection and enumeration systems for biomass organisms, and capillary electrophoresis system supplier CombiSep completed their merger. AATI COO Steve Lasky was named chairman and CEO. CombiSep CEO Mark McDonald was named president.

Product Introductions

CombiSep introduced the OligoPRO system, the second of its dedicated analyzer systems, for DNA and RNA oligonucleotide purity analysis.

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