Cell-Based Analysis

Company Announcements

Caliper Life Sciences is bundling DiscovRx’s cell-based GPCR assays with its LabChip platforms.

Amnis named Gene Company as the Chinese distributor of its ImageStream in May.

Fluxion Biosciences signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Bucher Biotec AG for Switzerland.

Accuri Cytometers licensed a time-limited, customized version of De Novo Software’s FCS Expression software that it sells with its flow cytometers.

In July, Accuri announced the completion of a $13 million Series financing led by Fidelity Biosciences and Flagship Ventures.

In August, Immunicon, having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, sold its assets to Veridex for $31.3 million.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging and the University of California Davis are collaborating to develop laser capture methodology.

Cyntellect is collaborating with the Burnham Institute for Medical Research to develop applications for automated purification of stem cells, stem cell colonies and the differentiation of cells derived from stem cells.

Cyntellect appointed David Burns as vice president of Sales & Marketing and COO. He was previously head of Strategic Growth for GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

Hudson Control Group integrated its PlateCrane EX microplate robot arm and micro 10 High Volume Liquid Dispenser with Guava Technologies’ EasyCyte Plus Flow Cytometer for an automated sample acquisition system.

Product Introductions

MaxCyte introduced the cost-effective, reagent-free ITF Inline Transfection System for preparative transfection.

Applied Cytometry launched its VenturiOne flow cytometry software, featuring faster processing.

Fluid Imaging Technologies released a new capability for its FlowCAM system for automatic detection of cyanobacteria in water.

Roche Applied Science introduced the xCELLigence System for label-free analysis of cell-based assays. It features a microelectronic biosensor built into each well of its 16- or 96-well E Plate microtiter plates.

In July, Millipore introduced integrated flow cytometry solutions with systems and reagents based on its partnership with Guava Technologies (see IBO 3/15/08). Guava retained rights to its products for biotech and pharmaceutical labs in Europe and North America.

IonGate Biosciences GmbH introduced the SURFE2R Workstation 5000 for direct functional measurement of transport proteins with the capability of up to 10,000 measurements per day.

Cyntellect launched the CellXpress, a live-cell analysis and manipulation systems using imaging selecting clones for cell line development.

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