Cell-based Analysis: Product Introductions

Nanion Technologies introduced the Internal Perfusion System for its Port-a-Patch patch clamp workstation, enabling the investigation of substances affecting a cell from the inside.

Invitrogen and ScienceXperts released the free CytoGenie software tool, which simplifies the design of flow cytometry experiments.

Tecan and amaxa introduced an automated system for high-throughput transfection of primary cells, consisting of amaxa’s Nucleofector Shuttle system and Tecan’s Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation.

Thermo Scientific introduced HCSExplorer informatics software, featuring web-based technology, and launched version 3 of its BioApplications image analysis software. It also introduced a Brightfield module for the Cellomics ArrayScan V.

Genetix released the CellReporter, a live cell–based assay system for multiwell screening using white light and multiplexed fluorescence.

Nanopoint introduced the CT1000 cellTRAY Imaging System, an add-on component to an upright or inverted microscope, priced starting at $10,000.

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