Cellular Analysis

Company Announcements

Cell Projects entered into a commercial license and development agreement in October 2008 with Queen’s University in Canada, covering several new electroporation technologies for adherent and in situ cell electroporation.

Fluxion Biosciences named two new distributors: Labtech International for the UK, Ireland and France, and Westburg BV for Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Under an OEM agreement, Becton Dickinson will integrate Accelrys’s SciTegic Enterprise Server into its BD AttoVision software and introduce the product in 2009.

PerkinElmer promoted Achim von Leoprechting, PhD, to vice president and general manager, Cellular Imaging and Analysis Solutions, in November 2008.

Roche Applied Sciences agreed to develop and distribute Axiogenesis’s Cor.At 100% pure cardiomyocytes platform as part of its xCELLigence system.

Product Introductions

Copley Scientific introduced the MSP Model 5000 FlowCytoPrep Sample Preparation System for automating the manual steps of flow cytometry (sampling, washing, fixing, staining, diluting and injecting).

Innovatis launched the semiautomated, image-based Cedex SX Cell Analyzer, which can deliver cell concentration, viability using the Trypan blue exclusion method, cell morphology, cell aggregation and growth data from sample volumes as small as 10 µL.

Becton Dickinson and India’s National Center for Biological Sciences in Bangalore jointly launched a flow cytometry center of excellence in September 2008.

Seahorse Bioscience introduced the XF96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer, calling it the first instrument for the measurement of mitochondrial oxygen consumption and cytoplasmic glycolysis in cells in a 96-well microplate.

Invitrogen launched the Countess automated cell counter, which uses 10 µL of sample.

GE Healthcare introduced the IN Cell Miner High-Content Manager, which handles data generated by the IN Cell Analyzer imaging system and uses a content management platform provided by EMC Documentum.

PerkinElmer introduced the Columbus high-content screening data management system for the Opera confocal microplate imaging reader. It utilizes an open protocol, run on the Open Microscopy Environment’s OMERO server.

PerkinElmer released the Volocity 5 Suite for 3D and 4D image acquisition and analysis. It was developed by PerkinElmer’s Improvision subsidiary.

Applied BioPhysics launched the Electric Cell–substrate Impedance Sensing modes Z and Z theta for interfacing with both 16- and 96-well stations.

Roche Applied Science introduced the xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analyzer MP, featuring six E-Plates 96.

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