Danaher Buys Liquid Handling Firm

Washington, DC 1/29/18; Indianapolis, IN 1/30/19—Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a Danaher business, has acquired Labcyte, a maker of acoustic liquid handling systems. Financial details were not provided. “Labcyte’s unique product portfolio complements our existing liquid handling and laboratory automation business. It provides new opportunities to develop and enhance time saving solutions for customer workflows,” commented Beckman Coulter Life Sciences President Jonathan Pratt. Danaher initially announced the acquisition on its fourth quarter 2018 earnings call. “The non-contact low-volume dispensing technique eliminates cross-contamination risks and greatly reduces fluid loss, helping scientists around the world to achieve better results,” said Danaher President and CEO Tom Joyce on the call. Applications include genomics and drug discovery.

The acquisition provides a proprietary technology to Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ existing liquid handling business, as well as an installed base in pharmaceutical and biotech labs. Other potential synergies include Labcyte’s development of a new acoustic ionization source for MS that could be used with the MS systems produced by SCIEX, another Danaher company. 

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