Endpoint: PerkinElmer CEO

In the January 15 issue, IBO listed CEO changes as one of the instrument industry’s main developments of 2007. On February 1, Robert F. Friel took over as CEO of PerkinElmer, the world’s fifth largest provider of analytical and life science instrumentation (see IBO 7/31/07). He remains president.

Mr. Friel told IBO that as CEO his focus will be more external than as president, as he will be working more with the Board and investors. Priorities for the LAS business, according to Mr. Friel, include the company’s EcoAnalytix Initiative, which provides application-specific comprehensive solutions for environmental and food quality and biofuels. In drug discovery, the priorities include cellular reagents and imaging, as well as the radioactive business. “We’re seeing a nice increase in the need for custom synthesis using radioactive isotopes in the ADME/Tox area,” he explained.

Former CEO Gregory L. Summe will now serve part time as executive chairman of the Board. He will also work 50% of the time as a senior advisor to Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.

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