Endpoint: Stimulus Plans

As IBO reported on November 30, 2008, government stimulus plans worldwide could help sales of lab instruments and products. Four countries that have approved stimulus packages this year are Norway, Canada, Australia and Germany.

In January, Norway announced a NOK $2.87 billion ($415 million) stimulus plan. The plan included a 181% increase to NOK 900 million ($130 million) for loans from Innovation Norway, a government organization supporting industrial development. Argentum, the government’s investment company, received NOK 2 billion ($289 million) in funding for small- and medium-sized companies. As part of Canada’s fiscal 2009 budget, a CAD $40 billion ($33 billion) stimulus plan was approved. A total of CAD $2 billion ($2 billion) was provided for the repair and expansion of university facilities, as well as CAD $250 million ($204 million) in funds over two years for the maintenance and modernization of selected federal labs. The Canada Foundation for Innovation received CAD 750 million ($611 million) to fund research infrastructure. Australia’s AUD 42 billion ($27 billion) stimulus plan includes the pledge to build around 500 new high-school science and language learning centers, beginning in June 2009. Part of Germany’s €50 billion ($63 billion) stimulus is more than €17 billion ($21 billion) in infrastructure funding, part of which will go to universities.

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