In FoodDrinkEurope’s 2017 report on the agriculture, food and beverage industry in the EU, the organization reiterated its mission of contributing 2.5%–3.5% of value-added growth per year to the sector through recommendations, policies and initiatives for the implementation of sustainable and trustworthy practices.

The food and drink industry is imperative to the EU’s economy, accounting for an average of over €1 trillion ($1.1 trillion) in sales and a positive trade balance of €25 billion ($28.6 billion) per year. The sector accounts for approximately €98 billion ($111.9 billion) in yearly exports, making it the top manufacturing sector in the EU economy in regards to turnover and value added.

The organization also participated in initiatives on the Agricultural Market Task Force and served as a consult for the European Commission’s proposal of a revised Renewable Energy Directive involving biofuels. The report indicated that the demand for energy and water for agriculture will rise 45% and 30%, respectively, by 2030, while the demand for food will jump 60% by 2050.

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) make up the 50% of sales and value added in the food and drink industry, and account for approximately 67% of employment in the sector. SMEs contribute turnover of €538 billion ($614.5 billion) and contribute €102 billion ($116.5 billion) in added value. Approximately 99% of food and drink companies in the EU are SMEs.

Source: FoodDrinkEurope

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