Final 2017 Figures for IBO Sales Indexes

Since the publication of the February 28 issue of IBO (see IBO 2/28/18), which included estimated figures for the IBO Life Science and Analytical Instrument Indexes (LSA Indexes), quarterly and annual estimates have been finalized for three companies: Bio-Rad Laboratories Life Science, Merck KGaA Life Science and NanoString Technologies. The updated financial results affect the IBO Life Science Index (LS Index) as well as the LSA Indexes.


Life Science and Analytical Instrument Indexes

Combined calendar year fourth quarter 2017 sales for the 22 companies or business units in the LSA Indexes grew 8.6% organically, versus 4.3% in the prior fourth quarter. Sequentially, organic sales growth was up 2.4 percentage points.

Against the nine-month organic growth rate, fourth quarter 2017 organic sales growth was up 3.5 percentage points. For calendar year 2017, LSA Indexes revenue grew 6.0% organically, compared to the prior year’s organic growth of 4.6%.

In 2017, the Indexes’ adjusting operating margin reached 21.0%, an increase of 100 basis points.

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Life Science Index

IBO’s Life Science Index sales advanced 10.6% organically for the fourth quarter 2017. Sales growth was up 4.3 percentage points sequentially and 5.0 percentage points versus the prior year period.

Adjusted operating margin for the Index increased 3.9 percentage points to 25.3%. Sequentially, adjusted operating margin rose 4.2 percentage points.

Full-year 2017 sales growth for the Index rose 6.5%, compared to 5.3% in 2016. Adjusted operating margin for the same period also showed an increase, totaling 25.6% versus 21.6% in the prior period.

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