There were 356 responses to the 2009 Food Processing R&D survey. The most important target for R&D this year for 48% of those surveyed was new product development, up from less than a third of respondents last year. For 30%, existing product improvement was the most important target. However, according to 63% of respondents, product improvement/reformulation was the task for which their R&D teams will be most used. For 62%, new product development is the top task. When queried about R&D budgets, 28% of those surveyed stated that their R&D budget had been reduced this year, 14% said it had increased, but 58% said it was unchanged. Food safety was the top issue impacting R&D strategy in 2009, according to 54% of respondents, compared to 40% last year. Manufacturing cost reduction was the top issue for 28%.

Source: Food Processing

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