In the draft budget for 2017, released September 28, the French government proposed a 3.7% increase to research and higher education, the largest increase for science and research in 15 years. The increase will bring the research and higher education ministry’s budget to €23.85 billion ($26.7 billion), with the research portion of the budget also increasing 3.7% to €7.9 billion. France’s national research agency, ANR, received a proposed 9% increase in its budget, totaling €609 million, though the total budget is still approximately 20% lower than it was in 2012. The success rate of grant applications is estimated to increase 6% from last year to 14% and reach 20% next year. The country’s federal system that was meant to increase private R&D funding by awarding €6 billion in tax credits each year to private companies has become a hot-button issue in France due to high costs and alleged abuses of the system. It is set to be analyzed this year in order to determine if it needs to be revamped.

Source: Nature

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