Company Announcements

In March, LECO and Restek announced an expanded collaboration, allowing LECO customers access to a core set of Restek consumables for GCxGC.

INFICON 2018 Security & Energy sales rose 13.7% to $29.0 million, or 7% of company revenues. The segment expects 2019 results to be below average.


Product Introductions

LECO introduced in January a new FLUX flow modulator option for routine GCxGC, making GCxGC more accessible and easy to use. The cost effective modulator does not require cryogens.

In February, Agilent Technologies debuted the Agilent 8890 and 8860 GC systems, built on a next generation electronic architecture platform and featuring continuous system monitoring, automated diagnostics and built-in troubleshooting routines, as well as remote connectivity. The company also released two complementary Blank and Detector Evaluation smart routines, which are also available for the Intuvo 9000 GC.

In March, JEOL announced the development of the msFINE Analysis software packages for qualitative GC/MS using the AccuTOF-GCx PLUS MS. The software integrates the information from multiple ionization techniques with database search, exact mass and isotope data.

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