Company Announcements

PerkinElmer is developing an interface for Agilent’s EZChrom Elite chromatography data systems to control the Clarus family of GCs. It will be available in July.

Under a strategic alliance announced in February, Markes International’s thermal desorption systems (TD) and accessories are now available as OEM items through Agilent and are supported by Agilent. The companies are also collaborating on the development and promotion of TD-GC and TD-GC/MS applications.

Gerstel and Büchi entered into a cooperative agreement for the automation of the Caviezel method for fat analysis. Gerstel has exclusive sales and distribution rights.

In April, Alpha MOS opened a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan, with four employees.

Xinhua reported in April that China’s Ministry of Commerce has terminated its anti-dumping investigation of GC/MS systems from Japan at the request of the filer, East and West Analytical Instruments (see IBO 7/15/08).

Product Introductions

Sionex introduced the microAnalyzer. Designed for OEMS, it provides an oven-less GC separation module and the microDMx sensor in one portable package.

DPS Instruments released a network version of its Series 600 Laboratory GC and Companion portable GC.

PerkinElmer introduced the Swafer micro-channel wafer technology platform for flow-switching applications in capillary GC. The S-Swafer is a scalable splitting device for sample-stream splitting between detectors or columns. The D-Swafer is based on the Deans’ Switch principle.

Entech Instruments launched the 7150 Headspace Preconcentrator for the recovery of C2 and C25 compounds at parts per million to sub-parts per billion levels, including labile compounds.

Agilent Technologies introduced the Agilent 7693A Series Automated Liquid Sampler, a modular design with a basic injector and 16-sample turret, featuring support for sandwich injection and dual simultaneous injector capability. It replaces the 7683B.

Agilent released the Agilent J&W DB-1ms and HP-1ms Ultra Inert capillary GC columns for trace level analysis of active compounds.

Sigma-Aldrich released the MET-Biodiesel capillary GC column, a metal 14 m x 0.53 mm ID column for the analyses of free and total glycerin in B100 biodiesel samples.

Phenomenex introduced the Zebron ZB-XLB-HT Inferno, a non-metal, high-temperature GC column for fast GC/MS melamine analysis of milk products.

Sales/Orders of Note

Agilent announced the delivery of the 10,000th unit of its 5975 Series GC/MS in December 2008. The system was introduced in 2005.

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