Company Announcements

Alpha MOS acquired Périchrom for €440,000 ($699,283), in July. Périchrom develops and sells laboratory and online GCs and had 2007 sales of €1 million ($1.6 million).

Barry S. Howe resigned as CEO and president of Electronic Sensor Technology in July and was replaced by former CEO and current Chairman Dr. Teong Lim.

In August, Electronic Sensor Technology restructured to streamline its approach to the security market.

Electronic Sensor Technology named Stetsonex International its exclusive distributor for Western Africa.

In the second and third quarters, revenue for INFICON’s Emergency Response and Security business increased 9.6% and 10.7% to $6.8 million and $6.5 million, respectively.

Product Introductions

Agilent introduced the Agilent J&W High-Efficiency Capillary GC column for fast chromatography.

Agilent launched the Triple-Axis Detector for the Agilent 5975C GC/MS, featuring a new electron multiplier design for a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

Agilent released the Deconvolution Reporting Software A.04.00 to extract MS signals of interest from complex mixtures.

PerkinElmer introduced the Models 1117 and 1317 High-Speed Refinery Gas Analyzers, based on the Clarus 600 GC.

PerkinElmer launched the Clarus 560 S single quadrupole GC/MS, featuring a quick-change ion source.

Phenomenex released the Zebron ZB-Drug-1 column for GC analysis of drugs of abuse.

Phenomenex launched the Zebron ZB-BAC-1 and -2 column pair for GC-FID analysis in forensic and toxicology applications, optimized for ethanol separation with a run time of less than two minutes.

Restek introduced the Rxi-5Sil MS columns, ultra-low bleed capillary GC columns for improved trace-level analysis.

INFICON launched the HAPSITE ER Chemical ID System, a person-portable GC/MS for on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds, featuring a shorter run time and low consumables usage.

Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich introduced SPB-624 and VOCOL capillary GC column phases in fast GC dimensions, bringing the total number of fast GC columns available from Supelco to 18.

Sales/Orders of Note

INFICON announced orders for 19 HAPSITE systems from Chinese agencies this summer. In the first quarter, the company shipped 38 HAPSITES and accessories to China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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