Company Announcements

Shimadzu announced in July that its high-end Nexis GC-2030 and HS-20/HS-10 headspace sampler can now be controlled by Agilent Technologies’ OpenLAB CDS.

INFICON’s second quarter Security & Energy market sales declined 14.5% to $4.6 million, which was mainly due to the security market.

In September, Ellutia opened a dedicated training center, the GC Excellence Academy, at its facility in Ely, UK.


Product Introductions

In August, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched Fisher Chemical Optima and GC Resolv Methylene Chloride, ultrapure methylene chloride for enhanced trace analysis.

Markes International introduced in August the CIA Advantage-xr thermal desorption instrument for the automated analysis of trace-level air toxics and other pollutants in canister air and gas, and whole-air samples. Features include cryogen-free operation, up to 27 channels, and the ability to run high- and low-concentration samples in the same sequence.

In September, Shimadzu released a trace moisture analysis system utilizing a GC method, developed in collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington and MilliporeSigma. The system consists of the Nexis GC-2030 equipped with the Barrier Ionization Discharge detector and MilliporeSigma’s Watercol capillary column. The system provides precise analysis of parts-per-million levels of water.

AGC Instruments introduced in September the AGC NovaCHROM GC system to monitor nitrogen per the European Medicines Agency standard. The system is comprised of the NovaCHROM 400 GC with a TCD, TrendVision PLUS chromatography software and solenoid control unit.

PerkinElmer debuted in September the Clarus 590 and 690 GC instruments, expanding its Clarus GC platform, for analyses of a wide range of samples. Features include a high-performance oven, wide-range FID and capillary injector.

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