GC & GC/MS: Product Introductions

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the TurboTox GC/MS Productivity Solution for drugs of abuse testing. It consists of the DSQ II single quadrupole GC/MS, ToxLab 2.0 software, and methods and consumables. AC Analytical Controls introduced the AC All in One Biodiesel analyzer, featuring an Agilent 7890A GC. Phenomenex introduced Zebron ZB-5Msi GC columns for separation of acidic and basic compounds. Phenomenex released the Zebron ZB-XLB low-polarity si-arylene GC column. Varian released the VF-WAXms ultra-low bleed wax column for GC/MS, part of the FactorFour capillary column product line. In September, PerkinElmer launched the cost effective Clarus GC for developing countries and academia. PerkinElmer introduced the Melamine Analyzer for determination of melamine in food, including a Clarus 600 T GC/MS and consumables. The method was developed in collaboration with Flora Research Laboratories.

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