Benefits of the Nextera in vitro transposition technology include that only nanograms of starting DNA are required and its ability to prepare sequence-ready libraries in less than two hours. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Epicentre was founded in 1987.

San Diego, CA 1/11/11; San Diego, CA 1/11/11—Illumina has acquired Epicentre Biotechnologies, a supplier of nucleic acid sample preparation reagents and specialty enzymes used in sequencing and microarray applications, including the Nextera technology for next-generation sequencing library preparation. Financial details were not provided. “Epicentre’s Nextera technology provides a step-change improvement in library prep that will translate into greater ease of use, lower costs and faster turnaround times for sequencing applications. In addition to Nextera, Epicentre is a leading supplier of specialty enzymes and kits that are beneficial to Illumina’s technologies,” stated Illumina President and CEO Jay Flatley. Illumina also announced that it expects fourth-quarter 2010 sales to be $260 million. As a result, 2010 revenues will be $901 million for annual growth of 35%. Fourth-quarter non-GAAP EPS is expected to be $0.28–$0.29 and full-year non-GAAP EPS is anticipated to be $1.05–$1.06. For 2011, the company expects revenues to increase 20% and non-GAAP EPS to grow more than 30%.

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