Company Announcements

STARLIMS Australasia, which serves Australian and New Zealand, was established as a private company.

STARLIMS established direct operations in Europe in August, following the May acquisition of its UK partner.

Under a collaborative agreement, Thermo Fisher Scientific is bundling and selling NextDocs’ Document and Compliance Suite, an enterprise document, quality and compliance management solution suite.

In June, Oracle announced the creation of a Health Sciences Global Business Unit.

In June, Golden Helix signed five additional academic institutions to its copy number collaborative program, bringing the number of collaborators to 11.

Geospiza joined Illumina’s Connect Partnership in June and Synamatix joined it in August.

Novatek International, a provider of regulatory compliance software, and Labtronics partnered in June.

Under an exclusive agreement, Invitrogen will integrate Brendan Technologies’ StatLIA assay analysis software to facilitate the analysis of protein samples, including protein quantitation through MS.

Invitrogen and TimeLogic, an Active Motif company, will explore the use of field programmable gate array technology for analyzing next-generation sequencing data.

In July, Simulations Plus announced a multiyear collaboration with Roche to expand the capabilities of its GastroPlus software for simulating drug-drug interactions.

The Institute for Consulting and Data Handling (iCD), will support, market and implement Accelerated Technology Laboratories’ (ATL) LIMS in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ATL will support, market and implement iCD’s LIMS in North America.

Product Introductions

PerkinElmer launched LABWORKS LIMS packages for water (waterLIMS), food (foodLIMS) and petrochemical laboratories (processLIMS).

Simulations Plus released ADMET Predictor 3.0 in July, featuring 14 new predicted properties.

Genomatix Software introduced the Genomatix Genome Analyzer, an integrated hardware-software solution for data generated by next-generation sequencers.

GE Healthcare released ImageMaster 2D Platinum 7.0 software, which was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and GeneBio.

BIOBASE GmbH released the Knowledge Library and ExPlain Analysis Platform for plant researchers.

In August, Ingenuity Systems launched the Ingenuity Analysis Services for compound profiling, target identification and mechanism of action studies.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Sage-N Research introduced the SORCERER Enterprise software product, a proteomics software plaform designed for Linux systems.

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