Company Announcements

Pharmaceutical Services Corporation (PSC) will offer a complete solution of Geospiza software and PSC’s services to organizations that need to integrate genetic analysis into their manufacturing process.

GenoLogics partnered with GenVault to introduce the BioVault Biospecimen Management Software.

Simulations Plus and Northeastern University are collaborating to measure solubilities in biorelevent fluids.

BIOBASE GmbH joined InforSense’s Open Workflow Partner Network.

Linguamatics, a provider of enterprise text-mining software, and Kinematek, a supplier of enterprise software solutions, joined the Microsoft BioIT Alliance in June.

Noesis will integrate OpenEye Scientific Software’s OEChem cheminformatics library into its NSISToolkit for drug development.

Product Introductions

Kinematik released the eNovator 4.0 product suite, featuring a new aliquot and material management capability for its electronic lab notebook (ELN) module.

GenoLogics introduced the Biomedical Informatics Software Solution, a suite of biorepository and biomedical informatics products. Three modules are being deployed this year for early access: BioVault for sample and freezer management, BioChronicle for aggregating data from multiple sources and a web portal interface for BioChronicle.

GenoLogics released Proteus 4.0 lab and scientific data management system for proteomics, featuring a new adaptive reporting framework.

GenoLogics introduced Geneus 4.0 lab and data management system for genomics research, featuring the ability to manage next-generation sequencing workflows.

Schrödinger released Schrödinger Suite 2008, with four new products: the Desmond 2.0 molecular dynamics software package for biomolecular simulations, WaterMap 1.0 for calculating the chemical potential of water sites in proteins, the ConfGen 2.0 conformation generation engine and the Canvas 1.1 (beta) cheminformatics computing suite.

Nonlinear Dynamics released Progenesis SameSports 3.0, featuring a new spot-picking workflow.

In June, LabVantage Solutions introduced SAPPHIRE Release 5 LIMS, featuring the Corrective Action & Prevention Action module for quality control and assurance.

Bioinquire introduced the ProteoIQ software suite for the entire proteomic data analysis pipeline.

CLC bio released the CLC Genomics Workbench, a next-generation sequencing solution.

Dell introduced an ELN solutions bundle for pharmaceutical and biotech researcher that includes Rescentris’ Collaborative Electronic Research Framework.

Definiens released the XD image analysis platform for the comparison of images from different modalities.

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