Company Announcements

Schrödinger announced in October an agreement with China-based Tsinghua University’s School of Pharmaceutical Sciences to establish a center of excellence in structure-based drug discovery. Schrödinger will provide computational chemistry software and work with faculty to create a curriculum. The parties may also enter into research collaborations.

SolveBio announced that its translational medicine software is now available on the Science Exchange marketplace, a marketplace for outsourced research.

Benchling announced in October that it raised $7 million in new funding, led by Thrive Capital. The company has now raised over $13 million.

In October, Lab7 closed $3.0 million financing of a planned $5.0 million Series A round.

Optibrium and Collaborative Drug Discovery announced a collaboration to integrate their respective StarDrop and CDD Vault platforms. CDD Vault is a hosted biological and chemical database.


Product Introductions

Optibrium announced in October the launch of a database query interface for its StarDrop software.


Sales/Orders of Note

In October, labfolder announced a licensing agreement with the Max Planck Society to provide up to 11,000 scientists across all scientific disciplines with its lab data digital management platform.

ACD/Labs announced in October that Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals selected its ADD/Spectrum Platform for analytical data handling and knowledge management.

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