Company Announcements

In April, Certara acquired Analytica Laser, a research consultancy with a staff of one hundred that uses health economics and outcomes research, as well as real-world data to provide scientific evidence of the value of medicines and health technologies. Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) announced in April that Evantec Scientific will act as an agent for ATL and represent it at industry conferences in California. Elsevier announced in May a strategic collaboration with PerkinElmer. In the first phase, Elsevier’s Reaxys chemistry database will be integrated with PerkinElmer’s ChemDraw software. The ChemDraw JS will be available directly from Elsevier, allowing users to access the structure editor from within Reaxys to create publication-ready drawings and simplifying access to a range of commonly used features. The companies intend to integrate Reaxys into ChemDraw Desktop, a solution available in the fourth quarter, enabling Reaxys subscribers to draw structures in ChemDraw and immediately search for them in the Reaxys database. Eagle Genomics named Executive Chairman Anthony Finbow as chief executive in May. Abel Ureta-Vidal, founder and former CEO, was named chief product officer. The company also raised $1 million in its latest investment round, which remains open.  

Product Introductions

In March, Sapio Sciences introduced the Exemplar LIMS/ELN X. It features the Exemplar ELN Pro, which integrates traditional LIMS capabilities, and the Exemplar ELN Essentials, an entry-level ELN. ADS Biotec released in March the HANABI LIMS Interface module for cytogenetic labs. It supports a lab’s end-to-end clinical business process. In March, RURO launched Limfinity 7.0. Enhancements include a new user interface and Workflow Engine v2, which allows for reusable tools in the workflow editor, as well as flexible workload assignments and faster performance. In April, Bio-ITech debuted a new add-on for its eLABHybrid within in its eLABJournal ELN. To address the bottleneck of uploading large files, it enables all files to be automatically stored on a local server while the eLABJournal remains hosted in the cloud. Bio-Rad Laboratories introduced in April the KnowItAll 2018 Chemistry and Spectroscopy Software of spectral databases. It offers advanced stereochemical recognition and an additional 44,000 reference spectra, bringing the total to over 2.3 million. In April, Dotmatics launched the Bioregister 3.0 biologics registration system. It features new capabilities for non-natural and chemically modified biologics, enhanced entity relationship tracking, and easier setup and maintenance.  

Sales and Orders of Note

Genedata announced in February that Sanofi has chosen Genedata Selector for the management of omics data related to the improvement of microbial production organisms. In April, Schrödinger renewed and extended for an additional five years an agreement with the Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute (TRI-I TDI) to provide access to its Materials Science, Biologics, and Small‐Molecule Drug Discovery Suites to researchers within TRI-I TDI’s member institutions. The initial agreement was signed in 2014. Biomax Informatics announced in April that Boehringer Ingelheim has signed a multi-year license for its BioXM Knowledge Management Environment to support target discovery research, and has extended the license to its BioRS Integration and Retrieval System. In May, DILIsym Services, a Simulations Plus company, announced that the US FDA entered into an annual government license for its DILIsym software.

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