Laboratory Automation

Company Announcements

Protein Discovery closed a $10 million series C round of equity financing led by Santé Ventures.

Digilab Genomic Solutions’ Hummingbird Plus parallel pipetting instrument for low-volume applications will be manufactured by CyBio AG using its Hummingbird dispensing heads and cassettes and CyBio’s CyBi-Well automation platform.

BioTrove named custom lab automation provider Synchron Lab Automation as the European distributor for its RapidFire Services Portfolio.

Automation integrator HighRes Biosolutions opened an office in Cheshire, UK, in May.

BioTek Instruments entered into a strategic collaboration with Invitrogen that includes validation of its Synergy 4 microplate reader for Invitrogen’s GeneBLAzer, LanthaScreen TR-FRET, Adapta Universal Kinase Assay, Z’-LYTE and Ominia technologies.

Domingo Messerli became the head of Tecan’s Business Unit Sample Management (formerly REMP) in July. He was previously CEO of Elektrizitäts.

Product Introductions

SOTAX partnered with LEAP Technologies to release the SOTAX OPT-DISS UVFO System, a UV fiber optic dissolution testing systems.

RTS Life Science launched the RTS SolidPrep, a new line of tablet sample preparation solutions available as a benchtop or automated system.

Zinsser Analytic introduced a robotic system for controlled sample oxidation and liquid scintillation counting that can produce 200 samples automatically.

Zinsser Analytic introduced the CALLI QC robotic workbench for online sample preparation and analytical quality control.

BioTek Instruments released the Gen5CL Data Collection and Analysis Software for clinical labs using its ELx800 and ELx808 microplate readers.

Velocity11 introduced automated workstations for bulk reagent/cell dispensing applications.

Velocity11 launched the new compact BenchCelR Platform integrated robot and microplate storage solution.

In May, Tecan launched Te-Care, a set of global service contracts for customers in the life science research, forensics, clinical diagnostics and academic markets. The flexible contracts include the Te-Care Complete Contract, Maintenance Contract and Repair Contract.

ERWEKA launched the fully automated RoboDis dissolution tester for up to 20 dissolution tests.

Hamilton Robotics released the new MicroLab STAR VENUS one software for workstation programming.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and The Automation Partnership introduced the Capit-All Screw Cap Tube Capper/Decapper for 96-format screw-cap storage tubes.

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