Laboratory Automation: Product Introductions

CyBio Robotics GmbH introduced a benchtop system for the automation of dosing solid samples.

CyBio released the CyBi-NanoJetFAP assay workstation, featuring dispensing down to 50 nL.

SOTAX launched SOTAX Pharma Services, a contract research organization for dissolution testing.

SOTAX introduced the CE 7 smart USP 4 Apparatus, featuring a new microvolume autosampler.

Beckman Coulter introduced integrated Industrial Robotics Solutions, which are individually tailored to an application. They feature the Motoman HP3JC Robot and Advanced SAMI Workstation EX software.

Bio-Tek Instruments released the MicroFlo Select Dispenser for microplate dispensing of volumes from 1 µL to 10 mL.

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