Laboratory Automation: Product Introductions

Micronic BV introduced VolumeCheck for the determination of sample volumes in unsealed 96-well microplates, 96-tube racks and high-volume test tube racks. CyBio AG introduced the new-generation CyBi-Well vario, which allows liquid transfer from 25 nL to 250 µL. Tecan introduced the HID EVOlution Systems for the analysis of forensic DNA casework samples. It integrates Tecan’s liquid handling workstation with Applied Biosystems’ 7500 Real Time PCR system, 3130xl Genetic Analyzer, and Quantifiler and AmpLSTR DNA testing kits. The companies codeveloped the product and will comarket it. Hudson Control Group launched the RapidPick colony-picking workcell, featuring a throughput rate of 6,000 colonies per hour. PerkinElmer introduced the TRF LASER option for its EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader. Labcyte released the Echo POD for integrating the Echo 500 liquid handler into a plate preparation platform. Skalar Analytical BV introduced the SP50 Robotic Analyzer, which automates BOD, pH, turbidity and other tests, for labs with medium to high sample numbers.

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