Laboratory Automation: Product Introductions

Velocity11 launched the Automated Microplate Spin-down Station for 320 microplates, which integrates the BenchCel Microplate Handling System and the Vspin Access 2 Microplate Centrifuge.

CyBio AG introduced the CyBi-DiluSpro 8-channel pipettor for volumes of 0.5 µL–250 µL, the CyBi-Well vario multichannel pipettor for volumes of 25 nL–250 µL and the CyBi-RoboSpense all-purpose pipetting robot.

Eppendorf AG launched Plug ’n Prep technology for its epMotion liquid handler. It consists of pretested methods for the nucleic acid purification chemistries of Invitrogen, Promega, Macherey-Nagel, Invitek and 5 Prime.

Promega released the Glo-Max MultiDetection System for luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance detection.

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