Laboratory Automation: Product Introductions

Advanced Instruments and RAM Mechanical launched the CombiScope AutoLab, an automated dairy lab sample handling and analysis system.

CyBio AG and Jena Bioscience introduced the CyBi-CrystalCreator for automating the entire protein crystallization process.

HTG introduced the FireFly Imaging System, a chemiluminescent imager.

Velocity11 introduced the R-Series BenchCel Microplate Handling System.

Tecan released Freedom EVOware 2.0.

Turner BioSystems introduced the Modulus Microplate Multimode Reader for luminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric assays.

BMG Labtech launched the Omega multifunction microplate readers: the SPECTROstar Omega spectrophotometer, the LUMIstar Omega luminometer, the FLUOstar Omega multidetection reader and the POLARstar Omega multidetection reader with simultaneous dual emission and fluorescence polarization mode.

PerkinElmer released the 1536 Head LumiLux Cellular Screening Platform for kinetic flash and glow luminescent cellular assays.

Varian introduced the 400-DS dissolution system for combinatorial drug-device products.

BioTek Instruments introduced the Synergy 4 multidetection microplate reader, combining filter- and quadruple monochromator–based fluorescence detection.

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