Laboratory Products: Product Introductions

Metrohm launched the 815 Robotic Soliprep Sample Processor family for solid samples in ion analysis and for titrimetric or direct measurement applications.

SANYO Scientific released the MLS-3751L and MLX-3781L portable autoclaves.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the Sorvall T1, T3 and G3 Centrifuge Series for clinical labs, consisting of six models with capacities of 0.5–3 l.

Beckman Coulter launched the Optima MAX-XP benchtop ultracentrifuge with run times of up to 15,000 rpm.

Varian released Bond Elut Plexa PCX, a solid phase extraction cation exchange technology.

In October, VWR published a new chromatography and filtration catalog that includes more than 7,000 new products.

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