Laboratory Products: Product Introductions

Metrohm introduced the 815 Robotic Titration Soliprep, 815 Robotic Filtration Soliprep and the 815 Robotic Flexible Soliprep for sample preparation of solid samples.

Mettler-Toledo released Titration Excellence 2.0 software, the Rondo 30 sample changer and the DS800-TowPhase sensor for potentiometric surfactant titrations.

Mettler-Toledo introduced the IPac and EQ-Pac lab qualification services.

Sartorius AG introduced the durable CP line of lab balances, which consists of 29 models.

Millipore released the Milli-Q Integral water purification system, which uses tap water to supply Type II (pure) and Type I (ultrapure) water.

Covidien released Mallinckrodt Baker J.T. Baker’s premixed DILUT-IT dissolution media concentrates.

SCP Science introduced the 10-position DigiPREP HT digestion system.

MIP Technologies AB and Sigma-Aldrich Supelco launched the SupelMIP solid phase extraction (SPE) products for selective extraction of amphetamine and related drugs.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced HyperSep Retain polymeric SPE products, available in three chemistries.

Büchi Labortechnik AG released the KjelFlex K-360 Kjeldahl distillation unit with four add-on modules.

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