LC-MS & MS: Company Announcements

Biomotif AB entered into an agreement to distribute Analytica of Branford’s MS systems.

Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH, a developer of Capture Compound MS technology for targeted isolation of protein or protein classes, received €6 million ($8.8 million) in January in two rounds of financing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the integration of Matrix Science’s Mascot search engine for protein identification with its BioWorks software.

Thermo Fisher Scientific will collaborate with the Vascular Proteomics Group at the James Black Center, King’s College London, which is using the company’s LTQ Orbitrap XL and LTQ linear ion trap MS with electron transfer dissociation capability.

Isis Pharmaceuticals announced that Abbott will invest up to $40 million and acquire a 10.25% stake in its Ibis Biosciences subsidiary to develop the Ibis T5000 Biosensor System. Bruker Daltonics supplies the MS for the Ibis T5000 Biosensor System and exclusively distributes the system in the life science research market.

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