LC-MS & MS: Product Introductions

Shimadzu released MetID Solutions software for its LCMS-IT-TOF mass spectrometer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the Thermo Scientific ConFlow IV Universal Interface for GC, LC and elemental analyzer systems coupled with isotope ratio mass spectrometers, enabling immediate switching.

Syft Technologies launched the Voice200 selected ion flow tube mass spectrometer, featuring detection limits to 50 ppt.

Advanced Nanotech’s Owlstone Nanotech subsidiary released the portable Lonestar filed asymmetric ion mobility spectrometer for laboratory, online and at-line process monitoring applications.

In August, PerkinElmer expanded its multivendor qualification and validation services, adding LC/MS multivendor service.

Applied Biosystems introduced three new services: the Agilent HPLC Repair Services, under which Agilent will service its HPLC instruments in “environments” in which the two firms have mutual customers; the Analyst Software Validation Support Service for labs in regulated environments; and the Smart Center Online, an expanded solution for remote system monitoring and diagnosis.

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