Life Science Consumables

Company Announcements Invitrogen and the International Regulome Consortium will codevelop tools for stem cell research. Promega will develop fluorescent ligands for its HaloTag fusion proteins to be used with Leica’s TCS stimulated emission depletion super-resolution microscope. Under an exclusive license with the University of Georgia Research Foundation, ArunA Biomedical will commercialize human mesenchymal cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. AnaSpec licensed Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Substrates from UW TechTransfer. Olink AB co-founded Olink Genomics with researchers at Uppsala University to commercialize Selector Technology for sequence-selective sample preparation for next-generation DNA sequencing. Millipore will combine its antibodies, ChIP kits and reagents with Agilent’s microarrays and data analysis solutions for the epigenetics research market. Corning and HighRes Biosolutions will develop consumables for medium- to high-throughput screening, which will be manufactured and sold through Corning and comarketed by each company. Product Introductions Invitrogen launched the Dynabeads MAX Legionella for targeting and concentrating legionella from environmental water samples. Sigma-Aldrich and Atlas Antibodies released an additional 2,000 Prestige antibodies in August. VisEn Medical introduced the IntegriSense fluorescence in vivo imaging agent product line, targeting integrin alpha v beta 3. Pressure Biosciences launched ProteoSolve-SB, a pressure-cycling technology kit for the simultaneous extraction, isolation and fractionation of nucleic acids, proteins and lipids. In November, Applied Biosystems will make available for early access the SOLiD Whole Transcriptome Expression Kit. Peakdale Molecular and ChemPrintCo launched AssayReady4U, an online storefront for searching, designing and selecting compounds and building assays. Assay Designs released ImmunoSet, a cost-effective portfolio of ELISA development kits. Lonza introduced Amaxa Basic Parasite Nucleofector Kits for fast and simple determination of species-specific transfection conditions. Caliper Life Sciences announced the availability of over 200 kinase assays in its ProfilerPro ready-to-use reagent format. Affymetrix released the 3’ IVT Express Kit for manual target preparation on Affymetrix’s 3’ IVT array cartridges. It requires 50 ng per sample.

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