Life Science Consumables

Company Announcements

Takara Biotech opened a manufacturing facility for Clontech products in Dalian, China, earlier this year.

LGC Standards will commercialize Abcellute’s hepatocyte preservation technology.

Lentigen exclusively licensed fundamental lentiviral vector technology from the University of Cambridge.

Invitrogen named Germany-based imaGenes as its European distributor for Gateway full ORF clones.

Invitrogen was named the exclusive North American distributor for MitoSciences, a provider of antimitochondrial monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays.

The University of Oregon exclusively licensed its portfolio of monoclonal antibodies to MitoSciences and transferred its distribution agreements to the company.

Cell Signaling Technology established a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan, in April.

Marligen Biosciences will exclusively supply Genisphere’s biotinylated labeling kits for detection of miRNAs on the xMAP platform.

Promega will combine its HaloTag protein fusion technology with GeneCopoeia’s library of human and mouse ORF OmicsLink sequences to create OmicsLink ORF expression clones with HaloTags.

GE Healthcare began selling Sartorius Stedim Biotech’s Vivaspin sample concentrators under its brand name.

Sigma-Aldrich named Robecca M. Bergman, Medtronic’s vice president for Science and Technology, to its Board in May, replacing William C. O’Neil, Jr.

ProQinase will supply recombinant protein kinases, for which Crelux will provide crystallization quality control.

Product Introductions

Phenomenex introduced the Clarity QSP system for trityl-on purification of synthetic DNA/RNA.

Biocrates Life Sciences AG introduced in Europe the AbsoluteIDQ Kit for MS-based metabolomics.

BD Biosciences released the BD High-Performance Calcium Dye Assay Kit.

Promega launched the nonlytic, live-cell GloSensor cAMP Assay.

PerkinElmer released eight AlphaLISA immunoassay kits.

Cisbio introduced IP-One Tb and cAMP Tb, the first assays in its HTRF Terbium platform for GPCR screening.

Integral Molecular introduced Lipoparticles for cell-free analysis of membrane proteins.

Caliper Life Sciences launched Bioware Ultra cell lines for in vivo imaging, enabling single-cell detection.

Sigma-Aldrich released the Imprint ChIP Kit for epigenetic research, based on Epigentek’s technology.

Invitrogen introduced ThiolTracker Violet probe.

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