Life Science Consumables

Company Announcements

Empire Genomics will develop locus-specific DNA probes for One Cell Systems for slide-based FISH applications. Empire will also comarket One Cell’s synthetic oligonucleotide probes for chromosome enumeration.

In November 2008, QIAGEN licensed certain methylation technologies from OncoMethylome Sciences for use in its EpiTect product line.

Five new members joined the RNAi Global Initiative, an alliance of the Thermo Scientific Dharmacon products team and international research centers, bringing its total membership to 31 research institutions in 13 countries.

Sigma-Adrich became the exclusive distributor of AlphaGenix-developed antibodies and research tools for regenerative medicine and stem cell biology, including the MaxGel human-derived extracellular Matrix.

Sigma-Aldrich entered into a research collaboration program with D-Finitive Cell Technologies to develop and commercialize 14 products over a two year period for regenerative medicine research.

VWR agreed to exclusively distribute ZyGEM’s DNA extraction kits to the life science research, forensic, diagnostic, agriculture and animal-health markets in North America and South America.

Shanghai Universal Biotech agreed to distribute AnaSpec’s catalog and custom products in China.

In November 2008, Biomonitor A/S acquired Neutekbio, maker of iLite cell-based assays and kits.

Product Introductions

Millipore introduced 11 FlowCellect flow cytometry kits for chemokine receptor quantification.

Millipore launched a family of cell-based assay kits for neurotoxicity.

Sigma-Aldrich Supelco introduced HybridSPE-Precipitation, which merges protein precipitation and solid phase extraction for the targeted removal of phospholipids and proteins in biological plasma and serum.

Sigma-Aldrich released MISSION In VIVO QUALITY and iScale Oligos siRNA, which are designed for RNAi research in animal models.

Using Enzo Life Sciences’ fluorescent dye–labeled nucleotides and Nick Translation System, Enzo and Empire Genomics are offering custom-labeled FISH probes as a service, as well as BAC DNAs and labeling kits.

Invitrogen introduced the Invivofectamine delivery reagent, which enables siRNA experiments in vivo and can be injected in small volumes and without high pressure.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the HeavyPeptide FasTrack service to speed up the process of peptide selection and purification.

Cellectis BioResearch launched the ð10.3 CHO kit for producing stable cell clones in four weeks using gene targeting.

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