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Company Announcements

GENEART AG extended its strategic collaboration with QIAGEN NV to include synthetic human genes optimized for use in insect or mammalian cells in addition to those designed for production in E.coli bacteria.

GENEART AG established a subsidiary on the US West Coast in San Francisco, California.

Invitrogen named Joe Beery as head of Global Information Technology in September. Most recently, he was US Airways’ chief information officer.

KPL gained rights to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s DyLight Fluorescent Dyes for use in combination with its antibodies and proteins.

International Stem Cell announced a manufacturing and supply agreement to provide Millipore with living cells and cell culture products.

AnaSpec signed a licensing agreement with Cyclex for deacetylase activity assay kits and related products.

RayBiotech licensed AnaSpec’s HiLytePlus and HiLyte Fluor dyes for incorporation into its antibodies and protein and antibody arrays.

AnaSpec will manufacture the BD H7, Calcein AM and DilC12(3) fluorescent dyes for BD Biosciences.

Sigma-Aldrich will exclusively distribute IsoSciences’ isotopically-labeled bioactive compounds and their metabolites through its Aldrich division.

CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH and Cytocentrics AG signed a research and license agreement to develop electrophysiologically-optimized ion channel cell lines.

ImaGenes GmbH entered into a distribution and marketing agreement with KK DNAFORM for RIKEN’s FANTOM Clones.

In September, eBiosciences acquired Evident Technologies’ quantum dots product line and launched eFluor Nanocrystals.

Commonwealth Biotechnologies named Link Biotechnologies as its exclusive distributor for Northern India.

Product Introductions

OriGene Technologies launched the VERIFY Antigen Standard, a collection of tagged over-expression cell lysates for use as Western blot standards.

Promega expanded its offerings within its TNT technology to include an insect expression system and an improved systems for expression in bacteria.

Sigma-Aldrich introduced the CompoZr ZFN platform of zinc finger nuclease reagents in September, which is initially offered as a customized service for developing ZFNs for specific gene targets.

Invitrogen launched custom PD-Direct Bioprocess Services optimized for clinically compliant stem cell culture systems.

MaxCyte introduced the STX Scalable Transfection System.

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