Life Science Consumables: Product Introductions

Waters released the MassTrak Immunosuppressant Kit, designed to quantify the immunosuppressant tacrolimus in kidney and liver transplant patients by LC/MS/MS.

Platypus Technologies launched the Oris Cell Migration Assay.

MBL International released the CoralHue Fluo-chase kit for visualization of protein-protein interactions.

Sigma-Aldrich introduced the LentiExpress shRNA-based system for RNAi screening in an Optimization Plate format consisting of 3,109 individual lentiviral clones.

In September, 454 Life Sciences launched two new formats for the GS FLX: a 100 base pair kit and a 250–300 base pair kit in small plate formats.

Caliper Life Sciences launched an RNA assay for its LabChip 90 instrument to assess the concentration, integrity and quality of purified RNA samples.

Bio-Rad Laboratories released three ProteinChip SELDI system qualification and calibration kits.

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