Life Science Consumables: Product Introductions

Sigma-Aldrich released the Proteomics Dynamic Range Standard UPS2. Sigma-Aldrich launched the N-TER Nanoparticle siRNA Transfection Systems for the delivery of siRNA into cell types that are difficult to transfect with lipid-based reagents. PerkinElmer released the Phos-tag Gold colorimetric assay for phosphoproteins in solution and the Phos-tag Enrich assay for phosphoproteins and phosphopeptides in biological samples. Thermo Fisher Scientific and Lentigen introduced Thermo Fisher Dharmacon SMARTvector shRNA Lentiviral Particles for the delivery of stably expressed gene silencing sequences into a broad range of cell types. Illumina released a MicroRNA Assay for Gene Expression profiling, priced at $95 per sample.

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