Life Science Instruments

Company Announcements

Alpha Innotech extended its OEM agreement with GE Healthcare, signing a five-year strategic supplier alliance agreement.

GWC Technologies appointed Cybeles Life Science as a distributor for Southeast Asia.

ForteBio closed $25 million in Series C financing, led by OrbiMed Advisors, in September.

Integrated DNA Technologies entered into an exclusive copromotional agreement with 454 Life Sciences wherein it designs, synthesizes and purifies fusion primers.

454 Life Sciences and GenomeQuest signed a comarketing agreement for their respective On-Demand Informatics Service and Genome Sequencer FLX System.

Sanofi-aventis launched the dScreen Consortium with RainDance Technologies and Louis Pasteur University to develop a digital microfluidic system for quantitative high-throughput screening of bioactive compounds using purified targets and cell-based assays.

Biosensing Instrument added two distributors: MJSBioLynx for Canada and Doga Nanobiotech for Turkey, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Illumina selected GenoLogics’ Geneus lab and data management system to offer with its Genome Analyzer.

Definiens signed a comarketing agreement with Bioscan for their respective software and animal imaging systems.

Product Introductions

HTG introduced the M3 Series multiplex mini-microarray solution for biomarker discovery and gene profiling. It consists of the qCustom ArrayPlate, qFix Arrays and the Omix II and Capella chemiluminescent imagers.

Applied Biosystems launched the SOLiD 3 System in October, featuring upgrades to system architecture, streamlined workflows and multiplexing capabilities. The system can generate up to 20 gigabases of mappable sequence data per run.

For Applied Biosystems’ SOLiD 3 System, SoftGenetics released NextGENe software for the assembly of SOLiD’s color space reads for de novo assembly, and the European Bioinformatics Institute released the open-source Velvet short-read de novo assembly tool.

Bio-Rad introduced the Criterion Stain Free imaging system, consisting of a new formulation of Criterion precast gels, the Criterion Stain Free imager and Image Lab software.

Alpha Innotech launched the compact AlphaImager mini for fluorescent and colorimetric gels.

Illumina introduced the mRNA-Seq application for full-length cDNA sequencing using the Genome Analyzer.

Syngene appointed V-BioScience as a distributor for Malaysia.

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