Life Science Instruments: Product Introductions

Caliper Life Sciences launched the Discovery Alliances & Services unit, created by the integration of NovaScreen Biosciences, a provider of in vitro discovery services, and Xenogen Biosciences, a provider of in vivo discovery services. It offers more than 700 in vitro assay types.

Gyros AB introduced the Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC CD microlaboratory for dilution-free protein quantification in the grams per liter range.

Biacore released the Biacore X100 for protein interaction analysis. It is a general-purpose system designed for multiproject life science research labs.

Micronit Microfluidics BV introduced the EOF Kit for setting up lab-on-a-chip experiments requiring electro-osmotic flow in combination with conductivity, electrochemical or fluorescence detection.

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