Liquid Chromatography

Company Announcements

In May, Postnova Analytics announced the publication of the results of a collaboration with the Department of Biosciences at the University of Helsinki in Finland using its Asymmetrical Flow Field­Flow Fractionation (AF4) system for the purification of halophilic (extreme) viruses.

In June, Repligen and Navigo Proteins agreed to codevelop a portfolio of next generation ligands utilizing Navigo’s Precision Capturing technology platform. Repligen will receive intellectual property rights and exclusivity on all affinity ligands developed with Navigo, and Navigo will receive a series of milestone and royalty payments. The agreement expands a two-year agreement between the companies that resulted in the development of a next ­generation Protein A affinity ligand.

Repligen agreed in June to supply its next generation Protein A ligand, NGL-Impact A, to Purolite Life Sciences, which will commercialize the ligand using its Praesto agarose jetting base-bead technology (see below). NGL-Impact A was developed as part of Repligen’s collaboration with Navigo Proteins. Purolite Life Sciences’s jetting technology is a new method that produces agarose beads with a uniform particle size distribution to drive higher capacity and increase pressure flow properties.


Product Introductions

In May, YMC introduced YMC BioPro HIC BF, a new hydrophilic polymer stationary phase bonded with C4 (butyl), available in 4 μm non-porous particle size.

In June, YMC America debuted YMC Chiral ART Amylose-C Neo, a new and improved version of its iscoated Chiral ART Amylose-C chiral phase, offering increased resolution.

Biotage released in May a new UV Monitor Kit, a plug-and-play kit which can be easily added to its Biotage Flash 150 and Biotage Flash 400 systems in pharmaceutical development or manufacturing environments.

In June, Novasep introduced the modular BioSC Pilot, which combines batch and continuous chromatography with intermediate purification steps in downstream processing for use, from early pilot phase to small commercial production.

Purolite Life Sciences launched in June the Praesto Jetted A50 Protein A resin.


Sales and Orders of Note

In May, API manufacturer Cambrex completed a 400 ft2 (37 m2) pilot plant expansion in High Point, North Carolina. The expansion included an upgrade of its Waters’ Empower 3 chromatography data system.

In June, Nanologica announced an agreement to deliver columns worth at least $333,333 per year over the next three years to Chinese SinoUnison, which focuses on analytical services in food production SinoUnison will also develop new methods based on Nanologica’s products.

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