Liquid Chromatography: Company Announcements

DataApex appointed Gallery Science a Premium Partner, and thus a wholesaler to other distribution channels, for North America and the Caribbean Islands. In June, Eksigent named Bionoetikos as a distributor for its NanoLC HPLC product line in Southeast Asia. In July, Eksigent signed a distribution agreement for its NanoLC product line with Nova Analítica for Brazil. In September, Eksigent named three new distributors for the NanoLC product line: Best Buy Analytical for Greece and Cyprus, LabService Analytica for Italy and Ingeniería Analítica for Spain and Portugal. In June, Phenomenex announced a distribution agreement for Beckman Coulter’s ProteomeLab IgY LC and spin columns, including exclusive distribution rights in the US, Canada and countries in the EU. Daicel Chemical Industries and Groupe Novasep SAS formed a strategic partnership to develop a streamlined solution for the use of chiral chromatography to manufacture late-stage clinical and commercial chiral intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. In September, LabLogic acquired IN/US Systems, a manufacturer of radio chromatography flow-through detection and counters for biomedical research. Nanostream opened an office in Bemmel, the Netherlands, in September. Sales efforts and operations will be locally managed by Touchdown Biomarketing. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments and Groton Biosystems are collaborating to interface their respective Prominence HPLC and ARS series of online sampling monitors to form a closed-loop solution for ethanol monitoring. In September, Upfront Chromatography A/S closed €6.8 million ($9.2 million) in investments, including funding from new investor DSM Venturing. Waters and Thar Instruments expanded their exclusive OEM agreement, giving Thar access to Waters’s demonstration facilities and corporate R&D resources.

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