Liquid Chromatograpy

Company Announcements

Nacalai USA and Nano-C are developing an industrial-scale HPLC technology for the production of fullerenes and their chemical derivatives.

Waters is integrating its Empower 2 software with ESA Bioscience’s Corona Charged Aerosol Detector.

Hitachi High-Technologies and Waters agreed to develop and distribute an interface for Waters’ Empower 2 software and Hitachi’s LC systems.

Waters will interface its LC systems with LabLogics’ Laura Radiochromatography System.

Agilent and Advanced Chemistry Development agreed to comarket ACD/AutoChrom for ChemStation method development software.

In May, Agilent gained access to BIA Separations GmbH’s bio-monolithic technology. Agilent plans to commercialize columns with strong and weak ion-exchange phases and a Protein A phase.

Nanostream ended business operations on March 14.

Chromatide appointed Clare Hildred as CEO. She was previously Finance and Business Improvement director at Avecia Biotechnology.

Spark Holland BV named Rob van der Knapp, OEM System Components business unit manager, president.

Product Introductions

Dionex released the ProSwift SCX-1S and SAX-1S ion-exchange polymeric monolith columns.

Dionex launched the Acclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1 silica-based columns.

Dionex released the Acclaim Rapid Separation LC 2 µm bonded silica columns.

In May, Dionex introduced the high-pressure UltiMate 3000 Rapid Separation LC System.

Polymer Laboratories, a Varian company, introduced the PL-PMC system for online polymerization monitoring and control.

Thar Instruments introduced the SFC Semi-Prep Investigator II System for higher capacity.

In March, GE Healthcare released a new range of PreDictor 96-well plates and HiScreen prepacked columns.

Merck introduced the Chromolith FastGradient RP-18 monolithic endcapped 50 – 2 mm ID column.

Phenomenx launched the 50 x 2.0 mm ID Onyx monolith column, optimized for drug metabolism assays.

Tosho Biosciences introduced the EcoSEC semi-micro gel permeation/size exclusive chromatography system for high-throughput polymer analysis.

Agilent launched the Poroshell 120 columns, featuring 2.7 µm “superficially porous” particles.

Biotage AB introduced the Isolera FLASH Purification System.

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